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At the CCIB, the supreme management body is the Board of Directors, comprising seven members. Six of them are non-executive and are delegated as follows: one from the Barcelona City Council, one from the Association of Barcelona Hoteliers and four from GL events.

The Chairman of the Board is one of these last four; as Chairman of the central Management Committee of GL events in Lyon, he is also the Chief Executive of the parent company. 

The seventh member of the CCIB Board of Directors is the Managing Director of the CCIB in Barcelona; he holds executive responsibility and oversees the fulfilment of the Centre’s strategic objectives. The General Director of the CCIB was appointed as a non-board member secretary of the company in 2012.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting is held annually with representatives from the parent company, the City Council and the Hotel Association. The General Shareholders’ Meeting closes the previous year and sets the strategic focuses for the year to come.

The Directors Commitée, represented by the director of each department, is the maximum responsible in any decision-making. 

As for the Corporate Social Responsability, the CCIB has a CSR Commitée joined by the Managing Director, the Directors of each Departments, as well as the Responsibles for Human Resources, Health and Safety and Marketing.  
The following flowchart reflects the CCIB's organisational structure.