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Capital structure

In 2004, Barcelona held the Universal Forum of Cultures, an event that lasted 141 days and hosted more than 3.300.000 visitors. The Universal Forum of Cultures was hold in an area newly renovated for that purpose and subsequently to its celebration, it was possible the establishment of the CCIB. 
Indeed, in order to stimulate some space dedicated to the Universal Forum of Cultures it was created ad hoc a Limited Liability Company, GL Events CCIB SL that is the responsible for managing the CCIB since then. The distribution of the shareholding corresponds to the Association of Barcelona Hoteliers, the Barcelona City Council and the company GL Events. In the following chart, you can see the shareholding distribution of this Limited Liability Company. 
Logo GL 485 C.jpg

GL events, society founded in Lyon (France) in 1978, is one of the largest companies of the event industry in the world. In 
2013, the group has established 91 sites with global geographic location, a total of 3.976 employees and a total business turnover figure of 809 millions of euros, 51% coming from international markets. 

Anti-corruption policy

The CCIB has informed and trained in anti-corruption policies and procedures all the management team and the security staff. This staff represents more than 10% of the workforce.

The Centre has fixed a security team of about 10 people led by a Director of Security. This team ensures that all security regulations and protocols are accomplished to avoid any type of corruption either by action or omission. However, all the staff working exclusively in each security position specific for each event has to ensure that there are no reprehensible attitudes.
As per the presents, the CCIB staff can not accept any received from clients or suppliers. 

All presents received are delivered to security who will exercise their custody and inform the Management and Human Resources. Once they are registered and inventoried, the Management assigns a destination depending on the nature of these goods being also recorded the transfer by the Security Department.

The security team also carries out regularly the monitoring of people and materials to ensure the origin, tour and destination.