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In a privileged seafront area, the CCIB offers around 100.000 sqm to organize any type of events, a wide range of services and the latest generation technology. 

The Intenational Convention Centre in Barcelona (CCIB) is placed in the new technologic discrict in Barcelona known as 22@. Located in the seafront, it consists of two large buildings, the Convention Centre and the Forum Auditorium, that offer a space of 100,000sqm provided with the latest technological facilities and a wide range of services that contribute easing the organization of large events.          

On these past years, the Centre has hosted large events from all the industry sectors and all type of organisations; this diversification has motivated the flexible nature of the Centre due to the uniqueness related to the organization of each of those events.  

Our services

The CCIB offers its clients facilities equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of services that meet all the clients needs in developing large events. 
The services catalogue is checked constantly to adapt it to the new client requirements. Within the different services offered by the CCIB it is possible to find: own food and beverages (CCIB F&B), audiovisual (sound, rigging, video, loghting), simultaneous translation, support on IT, telephone connection and Wi-Fi, cleaning, logistics, security, cloakroom, furniture, hostesses, signage, electrical facilities, photographer, registration area, scenography, stands building, expo material, floral decoration, event carbon footprint calculation, technical assistance o first aid services. 
On 2013, the CCIB has hosted a total of 102 events.
These are some events to highlight in 2013:
Associative events

  • Euroanaesthesia Congress - 6.300 delegates.
  • CIRSE - 6.600 delegates.
  • Words of Peace Global - 4.000 delegates. 
  • GI Cancer Congress - 3.375 delegates. 
  • 10th ENETS Annual Conference - 2.200 delegates.
Corporate events: 

  • Gartner Symposium ITxpo - 3.500 delegates.
  • CineEurope - 2.300 delegates. 
  • Ford Go Further - 2.000 delegates. 
  • Reunión Directivos BBVA - 1.940 delegates.
  • Eurofinance - 1.500 delegates. 

The facilities

The CCIB facilities are among the most technologically advanced in the world and the available range of services can fill all the event needs. These features place the Centre in a leading position in Europe. 

In that sense, the CCIB constantly invests in its facilities. The most significant feature in 2013 is the installation of a hub system for completing the Wi-Fi coverage for electronic devices that is configurable to meet the client's specific requirements for each event. 
Also, it is noted that automatic black-outs have been installed in all the meeting rooms. This system allows a variable lighting adjustment inside the meeting rooms according to the outside lighting conditions, in a way to maximize the daylight use during the course of the entire event. 

At the same time, the CCIB works in particular for the accessibility in its facilities. Apart from meeting with the applicable legislation by ensuring the accessibility for people with reduced mobility, it comprises additional measures or it makes the necessary adjustments in order for people with reduced mobility to make a good use of the facilities. So, in the framework of the measures implementation for achieving the self-protection plan, it is noted in 2013 the improvement and optimization of the security and evacuation conditions in multiple control points, evacuation exits and people flows.