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One more year, the CCIB has given support and has actively participated in different social iniciatives.  

  • Collaboration with "Trinijove Foundation" in the project Centre obert infància i familia Neus Puig” which aims the education and social integration of children from unsettled, broken homes with serious economic difficulties. The CCIB has set aside for this centre, the beverages excess - 504 bottles of water – from METIC and EUROFINANCE events, 372 delegates bags from GI Cancer congress, as well as basic hygiene and cleaning products collected by an internal campaign.
  • In the context of the same iniciative, it participates in the program “El poder d'una mateixa” to help 280 women at risk of social exclusion and/or gender violence from "ADAMA Asociation" by purcharing 500€ of solidary Christmas lottery – one euro for each share is donated to the program. 

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  • Collaboration with the  Working with the “Alternative, Motivation and Mentoring Association” (ADAMA) from St. Sant Andreu del Besós by donating the excess of energy drink cans from CineEurope 2013 event and 861 bags from ICS and SECOT congresses.
  • Donation of food excess from GARTNER event to “Las Monjitas Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia”.
  • Delivery of two projectors to “Mossos d'Esquadra” police station from the same district to equip the new meeting and training room. These projectors have been replaced with new generation equipment in response to the CCIB’s client needs.