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The CCIB continues to mantain a large network of local partners and consolidate its social action through cooperation agreements. 

In order to develop its activity, the CCIB establishes cooperative relationships with institutions, companies and people, without which the CCIB could not operate. 
Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the Centre is committed to maintaining and strengthening this network of collaborators.

The CCIB generates a strong positive impact on the environment as described below, however we cannot ignore the negative impacts.

In this sense, it is fair to say that the location of the center in a large well connected area adapted to hold events contributes in reducing this impact. Likewise, the center organizes each event carefully to ensure the safety of all attendees, as well as plan, monitor and coordinate with the clients the logistics in each event - points of loading and unloading, maximum volumes- minimizing the negative impacts whose the CCIB has full control.

As per the delegates transportation, the CCIB can inform about the most appropriate ways of transport to access the centre. However, the event organiser is the one in charge to decide and arrange the most convenient transport for the delegates.

In terms of legislation, the organisation strictly accomplishes with the applicable laws and social norms and have not received any complaint, sanction or economic fine.

Institutional alliances


The company is a member of various organizations that work for the improvement of event management and strengthening tourism in the city of Barcelona.

The CCIB works with the Barcelona Convention Bureau with the aim of attracting international events and taking full advantage of local possibilities when the contract for the event is awarded. Our clients are also given a range of recommendations with respect to publicizing the event in the city. 

 As per sustainability, the CCIB is a founding member of the Iberian Chapter of the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), an organization which promotes sustainability in the convention and event organization sector.

The CCIB is also part of the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism program (BST) collaborating with Barcelona Tourism in positioning the city as a sustainable destination and strengthen its image and prestige. 

Local companies and institutions

The CCIB directs the relationship with its environment through the society Barcelona Forum District from which it is a founding member. Consisting in a collaboration between the district’s hotels, venues and companies, the social foundation of La Caixa - Obra Social, and the Trinijove Foundation, the aim of the project is to make the Forum district socially responsible. To this end, it promotes social, environmental and cultural values among its members and coordinates initiatives that help district become more dynamic, such as organising exhibitions, contracting socially committed companies and workers who belong to groups at risk of social exclusion.

The Barcelona Forum District represents an extremely important and constant channel of communication between local companies and institutions. Companies from the hotel sector located around the CCIB’s installations, play a decisive role in terms of the service on offer to clients. Therefore, it is vital to maintain good coordination and communication with them. This is also the case for the shopping centre near to the Forum’s installations and for other service companies such as taxi firms, which we notify of the dates on which large events shall be held.

Last but not least, the CCIB’s activity involves direct coordination with the district of Sant Martí, the public service company BSM and the local security forces in order to manage the impact of the events in terms of their respective areas of competence (occupying public thoroughfares, street cleaning and security).  .