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The CCIB publishes each year the Social Corporate Responsability Report which takes the Global Reporting Initiave (GRI) as a frame of reference. 

The present document corresponds to the third published report and comprises the period from the 1st January to the 31st December 2013.

For the definition and elaboration of the content, the international principles of the new “Guide for the edition of sustainability reports G4 version”, basic level, have been taken into account. This standard provides the report with a new approach, since the materiality analysis is taken as basis for identifying the most relevant aspects for the organization.

So, in this report it is possible to find new aspects that have not been presented before such as health and safety, anti-corruption or client privacy.

Furthermore, a change in its format should be noted: this year the report is presented in a digital, interactive format accessible from different devices, using the G4 Template Wizness Publisher.

The data provided in this report is about the management activities developed in the CCIB facilities, not about the activities carried out directly by our clients.

Environmental data come from the implemented environmental management system, economic and social data is extracted from the main management system based on EBMS and SAP.

The CCIB’s Social Corporate Responsability Commitee is responsable of aproving this report, as well as to ensure that the organization’s material aspects are reflected in it.

For any question related to this report, you can send an email to marketing.ccib@ccib.es.