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Waste production and management

At the CCIB facilities, we carry out a correct segregation and management of the generated waste.
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In total, we collect in a selective process 8 different types of waste, all of them considered as non-dangerous, opting as much as possible to a treatment that allow their recovery. 

Continuing with the same parameters applied in 2012, the CCIB has continued with its improvement in segregating the was generated within its facilities. 

In that sense, it is noted a best segregation in banal waste, carpet and metallic waste due to the CCIB staff awarness-raising and involvement. 
This improvement in segregation explains the increase of these residues except for the significant reduction in banal waste due to the reduction of the CCIB activity and a better segregation of wood previously considered banal waste. 


In order to prevent and minimize the impact in waste generation, the CCIB offers its clients the option to purchase materials which respect the sustainable criteria as it is mentioned in the materials and events management sections. 

Sewage generation

The water consumed at the CCIB comes from the public network supply and it is used for some services and the cleaning of the centre. The sewage are comparable to domestic and are dumped into the public sewage system.