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Being aware of its impact on the climate change, once this year, the CCIB calculates and compensates the greenhouse gases emissions originated from its activity. 

This year the CO2 emissions have beed reduced by 26%. This reduction is due to a reduction in energy and air-conditioning consumption and waste generation.

It is noted that we have added to the carbon footprint calculation the toner consumption corresponding to scope 3.

Scope 1:
 indirect emissions from greenhouse gases (GEH) controlled by the company, includes natural gas and fossil combustible from the vehicle fleet.  

Scope 2: indirect GEH emissions related to the electric consumption as a result of the company facilities or services. 

Scope 3: indirect GEH emissions related to the the company activities, but proceding of sources belonging to other organisations. 
Included among these are: corporate trips, water, paper and toner consumption. 
As usually, this year the company has proceeded in compensating the CO2 emissions coming from its activity by purchasing carbon credit for CENOL's project in which heavy combustibles are substituted by biomass, validated by the standards VCS and Socialcarbon.