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The energy consumption in 2013 has been reduced by 20% due to the staff involvement and the improvements applied for optimizing its consumption. 

The principal consumption corresponds to electricity, followed of calories and frigories used for heating and air-conditioning that have a similar consumption. 
In 2013, it stands out as the most important news, the start-up of a 1kW wind turbine that allows the CCIB to have its own renewable energy source. 

In 2013, it has not been necessary to refill the diesel oil tank for the power generators, so all the enery consumed in the CCIB facilities has provided from renewable sources. 

CCIB - Aerogenerator (mitjans).jpg
The energy consumption at the CCIB has been reduced by 20% in relation to 2012. The relative consumption values of the Centre have decreased from 33 kWh/delegate to 24,74 kWh/delegate. This important reduction has been achieved due to the participation and the high involvement of the CCIB staff and the improvements introduced to optimize the facilities consumptions as described in the objectives section. 

* In this chart the electricity generated by the wind turbine is not reflected as in 2013 has been of just 0,075 J.   The diesel oil in 2011 and 2012 has been of 32.630,40 MJ and 26.715,60 MJ respectively.
**The CCIB has not consumed energy proceding from its own reneable sources, neither electricity, heating or air-conditioning have been sold to clients.  
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