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The CCIB has a team of more than 70 employees and the support of a group with a turnover of 800 million euros that is present in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The CCIB management strategy includes their stakeholder groups needs and the generation of positive impacts to society, developing their own business beyond the short-term profit.
The profit of the Centre is the result of an excellent client's treatment, the respect towards the employees and the integration into the social and economic fabric.



In order to achieve the objectives, in 2014 the CCIB will continue with its client loyalty policy, the creation of new products and a continuous investment in material to offer the clients better conditions and the latest technology. 

Indirect economic impacts

In addition to the permanent CCIB staff, the Centre generates more than 150 indirect jobs as per the services contract.  Also, some of the contracted services, such as security and cleaning, are workplaces comparable to steady jobs, as they work the full working day in the CCIB. 

In 2013, the CCIB has turned over more than 12 million euros to its suppliers of whom the 97% are local. 

It is also important to keep in mind the indirect economic impact that generate in Barcelona each participant to Congresses and Conventions organized at the CCIB.

*For calculating this impact, the CCIB takes, as average value, the expense of each participant to Congresses and Conventions determined each year by the Barcelona Convention Bureau, and it multiplies it by the duration of the event at the CCIB. It is not taken under consideration if the participant stays more nights in Barcelona beyond the duration of the event.