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Once again, the CCIB makes available its Corporate Social Responsability Report. This third report demonstrates the continuity of our project and displays the actions that we carry out in order to help generating a sustained added value. 

The current economic situation makes us totally aware of the need to optimize strategies to generate wealth, without losing sight of a socially responsible business management.

In this sense, during 2013, the CCIB has achieved important goals such as reducing the energy consumption per delegate, improving the waste segregation, increasing the purchases with local suppliers, obtaining staff stability and consolidating our social action through partnership agreements.
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With regards to the communication with our stakeholders, and keeping the same basis began in 2012 with the creation of a new website specifically designed to respond to the social network global reality, this year we would like to present the report in a digital format, fully interactive and accessible for all electronic devices.

Additionally, we need to highlight the significant collaboration of stakeholders in defining the contents of the report. In this edition, in order to write the report according to the new G4 Guide Global Reporting Initiave, we have done a  previous work with all stakeholders to identify the topics that stakeholders consider are the most important and relevant to the CCIB. As a result, you have in your hands a report focused on meeting the demand for information from our stakeholders.
Marc Rodríguez
Managing Director