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MADE-BY hosts Annual Event in London on the 7th of June, 2013

The need for greater industry collaboration to address the ever challenging social and environmental issues facing the fashion industry was a key takeaway from MADE-BY’s Annual Event. MADE-BY hosts this free, invite-only event each year in order to engage the industry on important sustainability issues.
P6072317_bw.jpg Image: Cleveland Aaron
100 guests from across the fashion and sustainability sectors at tended MADE-BY’s Annual Event to celebrate the positive developments within the field of sustainable fashion over the past year and reflect on the day’s topic of debate ‘Learning from 15 years of labour standards: the lessons for the environment ’.

The event consisted of a series of breakout sessions, creating a day of varied and interactive activities, from panel discussions to ‘speed dating’ on sustainability hot topics. Key speakers included Shubhankar Ray, global brand director, G-Star; Peter McAllister, executive director, Ethical Trading Initiative; Frouke Bruinsma, corporate responsibility manager, G-Star; Erik Karlsson, life cycle specialist, H&M; Eric Wilmanns, founder, Brown and Wilmanns Environmental LLC and Laila Petrie, corporate relations manager, WWF.
Opening the day’s event, MADE-BY’s CEO Allanna McAspurn, reflected on the key sustainability issues for the year. Following on, MADE-BY facilitated a panel discussion which brought together experts from the world of labour standards and chemical management. The panel discussed the potential cross-learnings and commonalities between the labour and human rights agenda and the developing agenda on the environment. This discussion was particularly relevant in light of recent campaigns and initiatives focused on the use of toxic chemicals in clothing production.

In the afternoon, the breakout sessions began allowing attendees to pick and choose themes most relevant to their brand and level of engagement. The sessions provided opportunities to learn more about topics such as innovation and response to ‘Detox’ and how to integrate sustainable cotton at volume. The ‘speed dating’sessions allowed attendees to put their burning questions to MADE-BY’s team of experts.

The day concluded with Eric Wilmanns, founder of Brown and Wilmanns LLC, discussing the move towards Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluation tools, the trade offs of LCA and indicator based tools and the general direction of industry over the last 20 years towards adopting more sustainable practices.

Overall, the event provided participants the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges and points of view with other professionals and further develop their sustainability knowledge.

The panel discussed the potential cross-learnings and commonalities between the labour and human rights agenda and the developing agenda on the environment.