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Imps&Elfs is a Dutch designer label for children's apparel and lifestyle. In 2004, the company was one of the first brands to become a MADE-BY partner. It’s part of the Imps&Elfs philosophy to work and produce responsibly. As a long-standing partner of MADE-BY, both parties are working together to improve the social and environmental impact of Imps&Elfs apparel and lifestyle collection.

Social Conditions in Factories
Imps&Elfs have improved their Class A social score compared to 2012. In 2013, 53% of Imps&Elfs collection was produced in either low risk country Portugal (Class A) or SA8000 certified factories (Class A). An additional 15% of products were sourced from factories that meet the requirements of BSCI (Class B). In total, 68% of the collection was produced in Class A and B factories.

Environmental Impact of Raw Materials
Organic cotton (Class B) accounted for the majority of Imps&Elfs 2013 collection, equating to 64% of total material use. Of all the cotton used by Imps&Elfs, 74% was organic. The absolute amount of organic cotton used is nearly 59,000 kg, an increase compared to 2012. Imps&Elfs further used Class C fibre, linen for a number of items and small amounts of Class D fibre, polyester and Class E fibres, conventional cotton, elastane and nylon. Overall, 66% of the 2013 collection consisted of more sustainable materials.
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